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It’s no secret that movies sell magic. Or magic sells movies? It’s safe to say that without a slight bit of embellishment on behalf of Hollywood, the grain of truth surrounding everyday objects embedded within the folds of movie mystery wouldn’t be nearly as captivating. Take HVAC, for instance. Ordinary ducting that we take for granted receives a new level of intrigue in these action-packed movies.
One of the most iconic HVAC duct scenes in cinematic history takes place when an intrepid John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, hops into a rooftop air-handling unit in Die Hard (1988). By some miracle, the ducting happily supports his couple hundred pounds of body weight without so much as bowing.  Two years later McClane returns to his ventilation antics in the next installment of the Die Hard saga. He once again defeats the laws of gravity by monkeying around inside some ducting before springing through a vent cover apparently held in place by hopes and dreams.
Die Hard - Legacy Heating
In Mission Impossible (1996), Tom Cruise undertakes a similar tactic as Ethan Hunt in his infamous entry into Langley’s white control room. The front door is clearly not an option given the facility’s tight security, so Hunt is left relying on an impressively strong air duct to make his subtle entry.
Mission Impossible - Legacy Heating
Have you ever experienced the frustration of wandering, hopelessly lost, only to realize that you’ve been going in circles? Try adding to that being on a foreign planet and stuck in a ventilation shaft. The Fifth Element features an alien transformed into a human female. Bewildered, confused and scared, she leaps head first into an air duct. At the climax of the film, this earthly newcomer attempts an escape through an air vent only to realize that it is circular and that she has trapped herself. HVAC = 1, Alien = 0. Bonus points because this film also features Bruce Willis.
Fifth Element - Legacy Heating
Speaking of extraterrestrials, Alien offers a unique approach to the antagonist – prey dichotomy. Whereas in most movies, and all that we have seen on this list, the good guy typically uses the ventilation system to escape the harrowing grasp of its enemy, the makers of Alien chose to have their predator use it to stalk its prey. Despite stretching the bonds of reality slightly by having a huge, acid-spitting alien navigate a ventilation system seemingly weightlessly, framing the film this way definitely adds a level of intrigue and suspense.
Alien - Legacy Heating
Finally, in the least believable instance of use of HVAC in a movie yet, we are met with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Reach deep into the souvenirs of your childhood. Do you remember the scene where Charlie and Grandpa Joe sneak a sip of a strange soda and are then drawn into a ventilation shaft full of bubbles? As our heroines are pulled helplessly toward a menacing propeller fan, the realization dawns on them that the only solution is to start burping. The more that the couple belches, the further they are let down into safety.
Willy Wonka - Legacy Heating
Whether Hollywood is creating something that is a complete stretch of the imagination or whether they are just toeing the line of reality, it makes for great entertainment. It is almost a relief to know that whatever the predicament, there will always be a slightly over-sized, abnormally strong vent shaft available just when our hero needs one.
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Improve your Indoor Air Quality!

We need air to survive. So why are we breathing in indoor air that is 2-10 times more polluted than outdoor air? Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is a multi billion dollar problem, contributing to issues such as medical problems/care and absenteeism. People spend 90% of our time inside, and with over 70,000 particles and organisms enter the average home on a daily basis. The air outside is actually cleaner than the air inside!
Legacy Heating and Cooling are leading Indoor Air Quality Experts!
There are multiple HVAC solutions that we can provide which will greatly assist you in improving the air you breathe!

Furnace Filter:

Furnace Filters are an affordable option in improving indoor air quality! They reduce in-air pollutants, particles and organisms from between 25% - 99.99%! Also, by regularly maintaining and replacing the filter, the life and maintenance costs of your Furnace and AC units are greatly improved. A clean filter provides maximum and proper airflow to the systems. Clean and unclogged ventilation leads to a reduction in utility costs due to less strain on the system. Save between 5% - 15% in utility costs while breathing cleaner air!
Home Filtration

UV Lights: uv light

Ultra Violet lights are a newer method of improving one's indoor air quality. UV lights have been shown to remove 97% of mold, bacteria, and other organic growths in the duct system! By keeping your ducting and coil clean of unwanted growths and microbes, you can save up to 35% energy costs! No debris in your ventilation means better airflow. Keep the bugs and mould out! Have a healthier home!
UV Lights

Air Cleaners & Purifiers:

Air Cleaners and Purifiers remove up to 99.97% of air pollutants in your home! Cleaners and/or Purifiers that use filters such as HEPA and carbon are the most common types. Both visible and invisible air pollutants are eliminated in this process! As well, a benefit of the unit is that it helps remove unwanted odours. Smells such as cigarette smoke, oil and cooking fumes are removed from the air you breath. Breathe fresh air and easily!
Air Cleaners

As a result of using products like the above mentioned, indoor air quality can be greatly improved! Especially when combined as a whole home HVAC solution. Combining different clean air solutions leads to a multi layered approach of air quality.
In addition to the above information, below are some further improvements that should be considered.
Ask us how we can help improve the quality of the air you breathe!

10 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality!

Indoor Air Quality
Enjoy the benefit of breathing clean and also comfortable air while being indoors!

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Make Your Home Cozier!

Everyone likes to feel relaxed and cozy at home. If you think your home is cozy now, just wait until you try these 4 incredibly simple tips to increase the cozy! Goodman furnace
  1. Set your thermostat to 21°C (70°F) when you’re at home and awake, and as low as 62°F (16°C) when you’re asleep or away from home.
    Programmable thermostats can do this automatically, so you don't have to even think about it!
  2. Clean or replace furnace filters every 2-3 months. Clean airflow reduces energy costs and keeps your equipment running more efficiently and longer!
  3. Close curtains or shades at night and keep them open during the day. The daylight will bring warmth and light to your place, and closing your curtains when it is dark out will help with insulation. The curtains will keep you nice and cool during the night. A cooler temperature at night helps with a cozier sleep.
  4. Always make sure windows on the south side of your house are clean in order to maximize sunlight exposure.

Do you have a tip for creating a cozy home? Share it with us and we might just feature it in our next blog installment!

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