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Legacy offers the most comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective HVAC products and services in Sherwood Park, Alberta.
With many decades of experience in the field, we pride ourselves on putting quality and customers first!

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Goodman Edmonton


Legacy has worked hard to be Sherwood Parks top furnace repair, replacement, and installation specialists!

Goodman Edmonton Alberta

 Air Conditioners

Legacy Heating is Sherwood Parks one-stop shop for high-quality air conditioners & full-service solutions!

Goodman Furnace


Legacy Heating and Cooling has extensive experience and knowledge in all HVAC systems and accessories!

Goodman furnace residential


Legacy Heating has years of experience servicing, installing & maintaining residential HVAC systems!

  • Jeff Plant

    Recently installed AC in our home. Installers were knowledgeable and were able to figure out some wiring issues done by our home builder regarding the thermostat. Very informative on maintenance and upkeep on the unit. I would recommend Legacy for heating & cooling.

  • Sukhi Aujla

    Awesome and friendly customer service, my furnace wasn't working and they sent their on-call technician in 5 minutes even on weekend and he was able to figure out the simple solution to my problem and had it fixed the same day... highly recommended!

  • Mich Katz

     Wonderful team and great service. I had the pleasure of dealing with Wayne the service manager and Jamie the HVAC tech. Very understanding, punctual and responsive. I highly recommend this company!

  • Tania Marie

    Great service! And really quick when you need them! Thanks, Legacy!

  • Nikki Moser

    Service goes above and beyond, we are very happy with our install, thanks again Legacy!

Here are some heating and cooling tips


• Keeping the cool air inside is just as important as keeping the warm air outside. Caulking, weather stripping, and adding additional attic insulation will help keep cool air inside during the summer.

• Make sure the air is flowing properly through the vents. Inspect the ductwork for holes or separated joints, and hire a professional to repair them.

• Add insulation around air-conditioning ducts, when they are located in unconditioned spaces, such as attics, crawl spaces and garages; do the same for whole house fans where they open to the exterior or attic.

• Homeowners should check the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating of their air-conditioning unit. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the unit is and the lower your utility bills will be. Upgrading to a higher SEER rating can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills.


Heating And Cooling Sherwood Park

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Legacy only uses the most efficient and cost-effective HVAC products.
We pride ourselves on putting quality and customers first!

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We’ll help you find the right heating and air conditioning system for you and your budget.

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