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Top 5 Plants For a Cleaner Home in Edmonton

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When we think of air pollution, our minds naturally gravitate toward crowded freeways and monstrous production factories.  We rarely visualize our cozy indoor abode as a hotbed for harmful chemicals. The unfortunate truth is that the limited air flow inside our homes means that we’re unintentionally building up air pollution from things like our furniture and cleaning products, and even from the synthetic materials that our houses and condos are made of!

The good news is that we have the natural means of eliminating most of these pollutants, and all we need is a bit of plant know-how. With the right plants and a bit of a green thumb, anyone can clean their home of harmful chemicals and start living a healthier life. Here is a breakdown of the five best air purifying plants.

First up, I hope there are no arachnophobes out there, because spider plants are your new best friend. They are easy to care for, and make a fantastic addition to any home that has little ones or pets running around. They are known to grow fast, look great in hanging baskets and get rid of any lingering formaldehyde or xylene in your air. With so many different species too, it’s easy to find one or two that can handle a little bit of forgetfulness – not that you would ever forget to water your plants.



The snake plant, also known as (for mysterious reasons that we can only guess at), Mother in Law’s Tongue, is a hardy indoor plant that requires little in terms of maintenance but that filters the air in your home in a big way. Depending on the variety that you decide to go with, you can have a table-top or a floor version, which can grow up to eight feet tall!


If you’re looking for a plant that does double duty, Aloe Vera is hands-down your new go-to. On top of being a rockstar formaldehyde killer, its leaves contain some seriously potent medicinal properties. Chock full of vitamins, enzymes and amino acids, the juice from its leaves is a leading ingredient in most sunburn relievers and can also be consumed as a health supplement. Scrapes or cuts? Aloe Vera is great for that, with its wound-healing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.


Do you have a shady spot in your home that could use a bit of floral flare? Peace Lillies are a beautiful addition to any darker corner of your home, since they love moist soil and indirect light. You can enjoy its lush chemical-annihilating leaves year-round and its beautiful white buds during the summer months. Just be sure to keep it out of reach of your four-legged friends, as it is toxic to both cats and dogs.


Finally, and rated the best toxin neutralizer of all by NASA, the Chrysanthemum neutralizes all kinds of dangers, like benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene and even ammonia! She’s a double-edged sword though. The Chrysanthemum only blooms for about 6 weeks of the year, and without those beautiful flowers she doesn’t absorb any toxins, so you’re going to want to pick a couple more plants from this list – or all of them! – to supplement her toxin neutralizing abilities in her downtime.


For more air-cleaning tips and tricks, be sure to ask the experts at Legacy Heating and Cooling! As Edmonton’s premier HVAC specialists, and we have all sorts of solutions to keep the air quality in your home at a level that will keep your entire family safe and healthy.

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