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Air Conditioner Benefits

The benefits of AC

AC is good for your home!

No doubt summers in Edmonton can reach super-hot temperatures that can make your home uncomfortable! And the question always lies is it worth investing in an AC for only 3-4 months of the year? An Air Conditioner has a longevity and positive effects which will not only provide comfort but a healthier mind and you! The professionals at Legacy Heating and Cooling are here to help!

Take a read below for a few additional AC benefits:

1) Efficiency and Comfort increases
Research shows that in comfortable conditions the efficiency of a person increases. When temperatures rise, not all the heat from the body is released. This leads to one feeling uncomfortable, causing irritation of mind and body as well as a possible lack of concentration. Heat through the night can lead to restless sleep and tossing and turning, resulting in low productivity. With the correct temperatures brought by the use of an AC, a person feels more comfortable, and as a result more efficient throughout the day!
2) Better health and indoor air quality (IAQ)
On average the indoor air quality is 2-10 times worse than the outdoor quality. Air conditioners help circulate filtered air inside any space such as a room or office and keep a home cool throughout. The clean filtered air is free from dust and dirt particles, smoke, bacteria etc. which leads to better health! They also help with respiratory conditions such as asthma by maintaining a consistent circulation that removes contaminants from the air!
3) Noise reduction
A positive result to the windows of rooms and offices to remain closed in an air conditioned home is it reduces the amount of sound entering the room. A quiet environment leads to that provides a soothing sleep at night and also maintains peace inside businesses!
4) Fresh air
Fresh air is transferred and taken in by the blower of the air conditioner and distributed within the building. This leads to creating a comfortable home/work environment with cool fresh air!

Interested in an AC and options for you? Click on the free quote below!

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